2019 Candidates for Local Office

City of New Albany
Mayor: Mark Seabrook 
City Clerk: Kelly Feiock
City Council - At Large:  David Aebersold
City Council - At Large:  David C. Barksdale
City Council - At Large:  Al Knable
City Council - D1:  Stefanie Griffith 
City Council - D2:  Scott Stewart
City Council - D3:  Alex Bilbrey
City Council - D4:  Cisa Kubley
City Council - D5:  Josh "JT" Turner
City Council - D6:  Scott Evans
Town of Georgetown
Georgetown Town Board - D1:  Gary Smith
Georgetown Town Board - D3: Ben Stocksdale
Town of Greenville

Greenville Town Board - D1: Skip Powell

Greenville Town Board - D2: Kyle Kruer

Greenville Town Board - D3: Greg Redden

Greenville Town Clerk  - Jack Travillian